Dieter Appelt

Dieter Appelt
Born 1935 (Niemegk, Germany) 
Appelt produces images which present himself in actual scenes. He often alters his own body making props or using devices to make statements about society and the culture in which we live. He made wings in Oppedette to suggest possibly his desire to fly to be free of the trappings of the world (making allusions also to Icarus). He produced a series of photographs in a book entitled Memory's Trace in 1978. He works with a variety of media to produce his photographs e.g. cement, constructed props etc.
Constructed Imagery (directing the photograph, finding suitable settings, props, and figures (usually himself))
Ephemera (suggests decay, aging, and timelessness)
Natural Form (using the human body and often natural forms to suggest a desire to return or be at one with nature)

Self-Portraiture (uses himself as a model, but not necessarily to make a statement about his own body but more about his ideals, dreams and aspirations.

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Michal Macku

Michal Macku was born on April 17, 1963 in Bruntal, Czechoslovakia. He completed his secondary grammar school education there in 1981, and went on to graduate from the Technological Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute in Brno in 1985 and the Institute of Art Photography at Prague in 1989. Until 1991, he worked at the Sigma Olomouc Research Center. He then taught at the Pedagogical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc. He has lived as a freelance artist since 1992. Michal has started with photography since the age of 15. He is also interested in sculpture, drawing, and graphics. In 1989, he created his own photographic technique which he has named "Gellage". He continues to use and develop this technology in his still-photo art work, and, with the cooperation of Czech Television Brno, has made an animated Gellage film.

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