Andre de Dienes

Hungarian, 1913 - 1985

Andre de Dienes was born in 1913 in Turia, Transylvania (now Romania).
In 1933 de Dienes arrived in Paris to study art and bought his first Rolleiflex camera. Fascinated with taking pictures, he made a living selling photographs to publishing companies, including La Humanite (a Communist newspaper) and worked for The Associated Press until 1936 when famous Parisian couturier, Captain Molyneux, encouraged de Dienes to become a fashion photographer. 
Dienes moved to Hollywood in 1944 to pursue to pursue his real passion of photographing nudes and outdoor scenes.
De Dienes' association with Marilyn Monroe began in 1945 when he hired her for her first modeling job at age 19. A five week road trip photographing the young Norma Jeane across California, Nevada, and New Mexico resulted in a love affair and numerous magazine covers around the world. Their working relationship continued until 1953. Today, de Dienes' images of Monroe are considered by most to be the best studies ever taken of her.
De Dienes' work on nudes has generated twenty-four books, published in the US, England, and Germany. Marilyn Mon Amoura was published in 1985 by St. Martinas Press, and Marilyn in 2002 by Taschen (Newsweek featured the three volume book in a six page cover story).

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