A. Aubrey Bodine

A. Aubrey Bodine:
Baltimore Pictorialist.

Aubrey Bodine began his photographic career in 1923 when, as an office boy with the Baltimore Sun, he submitted photographs to the editor of the paper and they were published. From that day forward Bodine was a newspaperman covering a variety of stories with his camera, including news events, famous people, unusual places, and curious activities. Out of this experience came remarkable documentary pictures of the highest quality -- far beyond the standard photographs of newspaper work. Bodine also began submitting photographs to national and international salon competitions, where he consistently won top honors.
Bodine was a perfectionist who would manipulate photographs through a variety of techniques-working on negatives with dyes and intensifiers, pencil marking, scraping, and adding elements photographically -- in order to create the ideal image.

A. Aubrey Bodine: Baltimore Pictorialist:
He left behind a large body of photographs, chronicling nearly every aspect of Maryland life from 1924 to 1970. Judging by the number of national and international awards his pictures won. He was recognized and honored as one of the world's greatest photographers by his peers, fellow photographers. Bodine was the first photographer to be awarded a fellowship in both the Photographic Society of America and the National Press Photographers Association.
Bodine pretty much disappeared from public awareness after his death in 1970. In 2000, Maryland Public Television made a documentary about six Maryland photographers, including Bodine. 

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