Lewis Carroll

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (better known by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll) was an English author, mathematician and photographer, who authored the famous novel Alice?s Adventures In Wonderland and its sequel Through The Looking-Glass. His writing has enchanted readers of every age and class; and his word play, logic and fantasy have overjoyed people ranging from children to the cream of the crop of the literary world. The great artist has influenced many others with his exemplary work in the modern art and culture.
Lewis as an Author:
Lewis, as a child, wrote many short stories and poems that often were humorous and mocking in nature. Initially he wrote them out of passion and as a contribution to his family magazine Mischmasch, but later he began sending them for publications in various magazines. After initial moderate success, his work began to mark their place in the national publications such as The Comic Times and The Train. In 1856, his first work, a romantic poem- Solitude was published under his name which became his first landmark success.


While at Oxford, Lewis became acquaintance with the new dean Henry Liddell’s wife Lorina and their familywho came at Christ Church in the year 1856. The couple became great friends with Lewis, who had grown attached to their children Harry, Lorina, Edith and Alice and often entertained them with his jokes and stories. Dodgson, who clearly had affection for small children, took them on expeditions very often, and pictured them in his painting and photographs.
The couple’s daughter Alice grew closer to him in particular; to whom he had first cited the story of what later became a famous book Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. Alice Liddell urged him to pen down the story and he eventually presented her with a handwritten manuscript of the book in 1864. The book was finally published under his authorship in 1865 and became the milestone success in his writing career.The awe-inspiring success of the book made him a much sought after author around the world with a large number of fans. There are many who believe that Alice of his real life appears as the main character of the book, however, Lewis never encouraged this conjecture. In 1872, a sequel of the book was published as Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. His father’s death in 1868 left him depressed in the depth of despair.
As Photographer:
Photography was one of his great interests which he first took up in 1856 under the influence of his uncle and later a friend Reginald Southey became his mentor. His work mainly consist nude photographs of small children, most of them illustrating young girls. His studies of nude children have inflamed countless rumors and controversies that keep surfacing till this day. Dodgson also studied other such subjects as men, dolls, dogs, statues, paintings, trees and old men and made portraits of eminent persons such as Julia Margret Cameron, Michael Faraday Millais and Alfred, Lord Tennyson. He was considered one of the best photographers in his times that influenced and set exemplary for the modern art photographers. Dodgson abandoned photography in 1880 for unknown reasons.

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