Patrick Bailly-Maitre-Grand

Born on 1 February 1945 in Paris. Essentially scientific studies (Master of Physics degree). In 1970 devoted himself to painting and participated in many exhibitions over a decade. Vers1979, his research led him gradually to plastic photography. 1980-1981 : Early work on small format black and white, transferred, sometimes illuminated by a graphic pencil. "Blacks" and "CLASSICS" 1982-1983 : Bourse (DRAC Support for Creation). Rediscovers the daguerreotype and spends two years of research. After seven years of work with this technique, it is now considered one of the most important contemporary daguerreotypist. 1984-1985 : Series "STATUE OF LIBERTY," "LEASES OF PROVENCE", "GRAFFITI" and "THE COELACANTH ". 1986 : Is represented by Galerie Michèle Chaumette. Paris. Series "FORMOL'S BAND" and "LIGHT-TRAIN NIGHT TRAIN." 1987/88 "OPTICA NATURALIS" and "Homage to Jean Arp." 1989 Series "BISCH'S BAND". ACMISA scholarship.Realization of "OPTICA NATURALIS IV" for the Museum National d'Art Moderne (Centre Georges Pompidou). Panorama of Paris daguerreotype, the Carnavalet Museum. 1990 : Ensemble "THE DIGIPHALES". Winner of the European Centre for Contemporary Art Actions (ECCAS). 1991 : Studies on rayogramme. Series "FLY" and "SPIDERS". Draft of the series "THE MOON TO DRINK". 1992 : Start of the series "THE VERONA", "OPTICA NATURALIS V" for the Cité des Sciences de la Villette in Paris. 1993 :  Publication of "CELINE" (Editions Marval). Order for the Castle Oiron "CURIOS AND Mirabilia". Retrospective: "e iπ = - 1" Centre Régional de la Photographie d'Ile de France (CPIF). Pontault-combault.Creation of "fireflies". Design of a restaurant in Strasbourg ("At Lecomte"). CNAP scholarship for a study on the Church of Our Lady of Etampes. Series "The Romans" 1994 : Series "CYLINDER'S BAND" and "spraying water." Construction at the Parc de l'Orangerie in Strasbourg, "WELL THIEF" (public procurement CEAAC City of Strasbourg). End of the series "THE MOON TO DRINK" and "THE VERONA". 1995 : Finalization of the Series "A TRIBUTE ARP" and "FLIES millimeter." Optical facilities: "VERANDA LUCIDA", "THE AQUARIUM". Series "Uranists". " 1996 .Rayograms series "The Japanese WATER". Achieving the "cross" for Norwich Cathedral. (GB). Six exhibitions, simultaneous, England and Scotland, with the help of the French Cultural Services (AFAA).
1997 : Series' THE Gemelli "," THE RING OF WATER "and" DREAM BALL ". 1998 : Series' THE ASTEROIDS "," the little vanities "," THE LONG VANITY "," HAND "." HERBS "," MOON CHILD ".  1999 : Series' THE MAXIMILIAN "," THE PHIDIAS "," THE VANITIES "" Taxidermy. "Sequence" MOON AND THE OTHER "." ARTS AND CRAFTS ". 2000 : Is represented by Galerie Baudoin Lebon. Paris. "fly's eye" (Carnavalet Museum), "The eye of the Cyclops" (city Colmar). WATTWILLER Stock Exchange.  2001 Series: "The times", "comas". "CHANCE AND NECESSITY."  2002 : Professor at the Institut National du Patrimoine. Series "THE MORNING OF THE WORLDS", "THE ANT "," PLACE GLASS "," Castor and Pollux "," EX PHOTO ". 2003 : Series' PASTE ALOUETTES "," OUTFIT OF GHOSTS "," Chemin des Dames, "" The Magic Lantern "," THE MORPHEE "(Daguerreotypes)" THE ROCKING CHAIRS "," vacation with my girlfriend ". 2004 : Series' APPLES OF NEWTON "," GARDEN OF THULE, "" Agatha "," AUTOGRAPHS "," TRACKING "," The Cutaway "," ROUND KITCHEN "," HERE and forward. " 2005 : "THAT THERE IS OUR LOVE? "" PLATRES FIREWORKS "," WATER FIREWORKS "," netsuke "," Melancholy "." SIRIUS. " 2006 : "Melancholy" (for Friends of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg). " THE PERIPATETITIEN "," FACE "," DROPS OF NIEPCE. " 2007 : "Auras", "SR", "PROFILE", "THE ANATOMY", "Cain and Abel." 2008 "DUPLEX" " The DNA "," The Eclipse ". 2009 : "The Bauble", "Tests of the glazier," "the jaws broken", "inlays," "seals", "the announcements" 2010 : "The Big Sleep ", "GRAPH SNCF", "HYBERNATUS", "YEAR OF FLIES." 2011: "AFFRICAN BATA", "Trophy-Tattoos," "Apollo 11", "square of Confucius", "The grating"

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