Ronald Mallory

In the sixties he was one of the foundational members of the kinetic art movement. In particular, his works involving mercury and acrylic have become icons, and are represented in many collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Mallory was a student of the late Pol Bury. He works in many mediums, including digital art and oil paintings.

"I believe art must be creation itself. It must design itself. It must break away from tradition. It has been a natural evolution for me to make the transition from painting as I knew it. Working with the newest discoveries in chemistry, computer imagery and materials has become so much a part of our age. My work therefore has become organic in concert with my attempt at "controlling" its innate nature to create a finished work. It is like a seed in the earth; it must evolve, it must change and become a collaboration between nature and man.

Synchronized, harmonious, beautiful." - Ronald Mallory

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