Kaloust Guedel

Kaloust Guedel is an American artist who is constantly engaged in exploring new expressive avenues to fulfill his creative objectives.

Artist Statement: "My work is a body of records of feelings, thoughts and ideas often unattached of awareness. The creativity manifests itself in a continual process of events that conclude in a final destination and not just in an outcome. As an unknown adventure it takes place within the personal wholeness based on the development of one’s intimate thoughts feelings and possibilities. Thus artist's imagination is bound to simplicity and as a rule is in conflict with common sense. An environment free of common sense invokes the abstract qualities of the thought, thereby stimulating a uniquely energized dialogue. Each work is a reflection of the self in fragmented way like pieces of a puzzle. My aim is not to reproduce the nature as it may be perceived, but to speak of beauty and truth. The beauty is not what is comprised of visually attractive elements, but it is that whose elements are in harmony with each other and with its environment. And the truth is not what is perceived to be the one by socially excepted norms, but it is that whose order is absolute.  
Verbal summarization of an artist's work may introduce a relevant picture, but should not ...
To me painting is a very personal and intimate necessity. My work explores the essential nature of action in a charged energy space… the very energy credited for all creations in the universe. To achieve my creative objectives I employ force based configuration, allowing the paint find its natural formation. A process, which brings to life certain shapes and imagery, that communicates to my higher consciousness.
I paint the way I feel."  Kaloust Guedel

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