Kevin Titzer

Kevin Titzer (Born in 1972) is an independent artist and native of Evansville, Indiana. native has been making art for most of his life and has gained recognition in galleries across the country over the last few years. Much of his work originates as driftwood from the Ohio River.  His macabre little figures evoke the feeling of fascination inspired by circus freaks.
Kevin Titzer creates three-dimensional objects using wood, metal, and other debris found near his home by the Ohio River.  The 31 year old has been making art for most of his life and has established himself in galleries in Louisville and Nashville. His subjects are playful, yet some may carry a darker edge and suggest that much more lies beneath the surface.
Titzer says
"My process is fairly simple. I start off with driftwood that I collect from the Ohio River. Back at my studio I start to rough out the figure with hand tools. Typically the torso, legs, and base are all one piece of wood. The circumference of the base is the size of the log I started with. A head, arms, and hands are carved from smaller pieces of driftwood.
The next step is painting. I use many washes of acrylic paint on areas I want to represent skin. All of the wooden pieces are then attached with wooden pegs. When this is done I begin surfacing the outside with metal. In the past I have used rain gutters, candy boxes, ceiling tin, tackle boxes, and anything I can cut with hand sheers. This material is attached to the wood with many many tiny nails. Except for these nails and the paint, everything else I use to make my art is scavenged or recycled.
At the end of the process, I often fashion props for my figures to suggest a narrative. I enjoy telling open-ended stories with my work."

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