Richard Stipl

Working initially as a painter, Richard Stipl (Born 1968, in Sternberk, Czech Republic) has recently turned to making sculpture. Considered an exceptional talent in technical terms, Richard stands apart from his contemporaries through his uncanny ability to breathe a vital and invigorating “life force” into his art works, regardless of media.
Stipl's sculptures reflect a contemporary reinterpretation of a classical art form; rather than employ the traditional use of sculptural busts to glorify a subject, Stipl uses his art as a vehicle that forces us reconsider the role of boundaries and consequent categories of choice that comprise contemporary attitudes and approaches to art-making and art-consumption.

Using himself as a model, Richard Stipl‟s sculptures are proportionatly correct miniatures of himself. The figures made from clay wax and resin are dark yet humorous representations of the infinite cycle of recreation and rebirth undergone in a lifetime. He focuses exhaustively on the infinite nature and moment-to-moment paradoxes and singular moments that compose this cycle. The artworks are about „capturing an individual, analyzing his expressions, his weaknesses, and his limitations.‟

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