Marek Noniewicza

In the area of my activity - says Marek Noniewicza - is mainly photography. I am convinced that the record reflects the way of thinking about the image, and therefore more likely to reach for the old technique, trying to revive the myth of trying to find for him a contemporary context. Good energy saving condensed format and pinhole photography extends the boundaries of perception. Irreversibility of the processes and continuous transformation of silver are somehow synonymous with volatility of the natural world. What I try to record, then the course of these changes.
"Sommer" is one of the album, artist projects, which arises in connection with a reflection on the condition of photography, as seen by him as an object - something that would be able to resist the infinite reproduction. Each of the photographs in this series is a unique print on hand made ​​handmade paper with fragments of plants, covered with photographic emulsion.

Mark is a graduate Noniewicza photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (1999), Art Conservatory in Ostrava (Czech Republic, 1995) and biology at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (1997). Since 2001, the author conducts photography workshops, is a member of the ZPAF.

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