Tomasz Dobiszewski

Tomasz Dobiszewski (born in 1977) in 2005 graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, from the Inter-media Photography Workshop directed by Krzysztof J. Baranowski and Stefan Wojnecki. He is a member of the Polish Association of Artists-Photographers. He lives and works in Wrocław. His artistic activity is accompanied by pedagogic practice.
Tomasz Dobiszewski formulates his artistic expressions using photography, video and multimedia installations. The area of interest for the artist is time and space, limitations of the viewer’s perception, illusion and problems of participations.
In the series Forma Nova Oculos Terret (2002), using the limitations of perception of reality by a camera, the artist constructed figures that cannot possibly exist in real world.
 Manipulation was also present in the work Palingenesis (2004). Pictures constructed using the principle of mirror reflection presented house interiors and household equipment. The viewer faced a dilemma which of them belong to reality and which are only mirages of perception.
The artist often uses the technology of aperture photography and is a constructor of surprising equipment, for example a camera built form a box of pills. In his Re-medium (2005) project we can find the signs of an advanced photographic techniques connected with an amusing context.
In the project Memorabilia (2005), the artist perversely used the title term which usually to defines events that deserve to be remembered. However, in this interactive project the viewer is attacked by a series of pictures triggered by sensor of movement and which are a flashes of the artist’s memory.

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