Tony DeBlasi

Tony DeBlasi’s work is about the process of freeing oneself from conventions, and the search for new parameters. Some inspirations for his paintings have been the works of Matisse, Kandinsky’s “Improvisations”, Kline’s gestural structuring, and Twombly’s animated “scribbles”.

Important too are Moorish and Islamic architectural designs with their energetic, linear low relief, which he studied while in North Africa and Spain, as well as crazy quilts with their recognition of disorder, children’s pop up books and jazz.

References can be found to writing and calligraphy, to music, to the macrocosm and microcosm, form and formlessness and charged energy. The work deals with freedom and the search for parameters. It explores the relationship between order and disorder (chaos) and the need to understand the value and purpose of both in our lives.

Not readily evident in the reproductions shown is the work’s dimensionality. The white background is not canvas, but rather the wall onto which these shapes are connected. The colored shapes extend out from the wall to a distance of up to nine inches while casting shadows upon it. The effect is somewhat like relief sculpture. In this context, they maintain their identity as paintings rather than focusing on sculptural concerns.

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