Elisabeth Guerrier

" I am an emerging artist who work for 20 years.
In painting and digital art.

I just dare touching my genuine personal message now : my own maturity seems to bring me the equilibrium I needed to make choices.
An interest, a fascination for the signs that surround us and that are meant to be forgotten : building sites, rubbish, scrap yards, vision of the body that are designed to vanish with time and oblivion.
The work is both an aesthetic pun, some provocative way to deal with our world of "things" and some recognition of the anonymous part of our surroundings.
I work a lot and with delight on my own body and its ramifications in the same spirit.
As in some obvious but mysterious specificity of women art, it appears that the body keeps a constant ambiguous relation with the "I " who looks at it.
The painting is also about oblivion.
And the natural betrayal of who we were.
The words, the feelings  disappearing in a vital tide.
The lack of sight, the transparency of people we cross through the existence of each day and who fall without mercy into the desert of our memories.
As we ourselves and who we were yesterday fall into oblivion as soon as time makes its sanding down over our memory.
I need to keep these for ever lost feelings here on the canevas." - Elisabeth Guerrier 

 Exhibitions : 

July 2010 NEW-YORK Agora Gallery "The French perspective. ( digital art )
September HEROUVILLE FRANCE " Building site" ( Digital art)
April 2011 NAPLES ITALY Monteoliveto Gallery " Plasturgies" ( digital art)
April 2011 FLORENCE ITALY Vivid art ( Paintings, Waiting room)
September 2011  LONDON World tour Nina Torres ( Paintings Watching over us)
October 2011 PARIS Place aux artistes Place Maubert ( Paintings Waiting room and else
January 2012 NEW-YORK "Art Approach " Chelsea Art book/ exhibition ( Paintings Watching over us)

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