Günter Rössler

Günter Rössler (6. January 1926, Leipzig) is a German photographer.
Rössler studied after photographer teachings at the university for diagram and book art in Leipzig and was since 1951 as mode and an advertising photographer actively. Into that 60ern he dedicated himself to that Act photography and thereby one of the pioneers of this category was in that GDR. From 1954 to 1990 he worked predominantly for GDR fashion journals as well as the popular monthly magazine The magazine.
Its first act exhibition 1979 in the GDR excited attention. Its exhibitions were public magnets. Since its photos were not considered as “to ton victory”, the exhibitions were visited also by grades.
That Playboy 1984 a ten-lateral Kunstpictorial under the title printedGirl of the GDR with photos of Günter Rössler. This report was honored by the Playboy with 10.000 DM, from which it, how it was usual in the GDR, received only 15%. Beside Günter Rinnhofer it was one of the few photographers, those nearly for many decades each month with photos in the magazines Photo cinema magazine andPhotography were represented. Until today he works exclusively with monochrome photographic films. Rössler is married in second  marriage with the Model Kirsten Schlegel. She is at the same time its female assistant when photographing.

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