Anna66 Andrzejewska

''Anna66 is a unique creative personality. Looking through her portfolio, it seems that on the act and the portrait is in it all. From serious, monumental, almost baroque portraits, surreal statement by the body to prop up the grotesque, teetering on the border of kitsch genre scenes. Looking through her work, I never know what is going to meet me. My impression is that dozens of her photographs are the beginnings of the great books. View photos delicate, melancholy, soft tones of sophisticated, elaborate composition, a subtle gesture of a model and I think that is the beginning of a great cycle. I turn the page to see the next picture shows a predatory woman in the eyes which can see the sum of all the sorrows and cares of this world. The composition of simple, geometric, vast, enormous emotional charge, and again I think that is probably the beginning of a remarkable work. And so at every step.
Despite the enormous span of thematic, conceptual and formal, in the work to find common features. Certainly have great respect for the color, which, although fully in the work of Anna various tasks, but I have the impression that the author can simply feels and understands. Emotional tool is also well-known author and used with the utmost precision. But in my opinion, the most significant for Anny66 a surprise and the ability to find in every subject.
Let Anna and the exhibition will be for all who know her work as a surprise. It has no color or emotion, and what is most surprising is the very high consistency and coherence. In "Humantria" author presents a character in the context of geometric forms, looking for relationships between the body and figure, focuses on the divisions, the composition and geometry. The whole cycle is kept in a minimalist set design, which is all the more taken up by the author highlights the problem. The cycle is based on formal solutions, but at times seems to enter the realm of content and meaning. In my opinion this is a balanced, thoughtful and interesting series that shows one of many authors calculate.

Wojtek Kukuczka

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