Kris Hatch

Multi-disciplinary artist, analog photographer & musician based in Somerville, Massachusetts.

About His Works: 
Still bleary-eyed and stumbling from a heavy-limbed sleep, I approached my mother with a dumbfounded wonder: “How did I get here?” The question was humored but brushed off. “No, I mean how did I get here? Why am I here?” You must forgive the ambiguity; these are the questions of a four year old, questions that struck me with equal impact every morning of my earliest years. The tangible adventure of dreams, the vibrations seen in walls, the waves perceived in the sun-laden sky are just some of the experiences that filled my being with the sense that reality was a subjective, malleable state. I had not the vocabulary to explain them, nor the acumen to know that these experiences were unique.  

Born in 1983 in the northeastern United States to a rich lineage of devout Mormons that traced back to the days of the first hardy pioneers, for many years these questions were easily quelled and explained by the fascinating theology of my heritage. This religion supplied me the symbols and vocabulary to articulate the questions that I was so innately drawn to ponder. I studied, I prayed, I sang hymns with a whole-hearted sincerity. As the days of adolescence bled into my adulthood, however, I began to feel that my vocabulary was yet again limited, that the symbols and stories so generously and fervently supplied to me by my ancestors no longer satiated me. I needed a new language. 

Years later, I have begun to find the words. As a self-taught analog photographer, as a musician, as a writer, or through whatever medium most appropriate, I find new symbols, create new mythologies and find new ways to define and explain the way I experience and understand my world. This intuitive, largely non-verbal language that I speak illuminates these questions and concepts more vividly than I ever could have anticipated. I am not yet fluent, nor do I expect to ever be, but the freedom I find as an artist to continue to search and broaden my vocabulary is more satisfying to both me and that four-year-old child than anything I’ve ever known.


  1. your blog is absolutely beautiful!

  2. I would agree with the above comment. Tis an honor to be in the company of these artists. Obliged to ye.
    Also, I am a lady. However androgynous I may be at times, the fact remains.
    Again, thank you.