Jon Estwards

Eerie, great aesthetic photos from Canadian photographer Jon Estwards. The faceless, masked characters leave a feeling of unease, but also wanting more, and wanting to know the story behind each photo. They have a cinematic element to them. High eerie alert! High goodness alert! ALERT! More after the jump.

Jon Estwards is a photographer based out of Montreal, Canada. Estwards’ work is very different,  very abstract, but intriguing as hell. 

Jon Estwards (though his real name may in fact be Jon Edwards),  has taken the lo-fi aesthetic and achieved something genuinely arresting and magical. Sort of like Ryan Mcginley on mushrooms, Estwards’ images are veiled with layers of ambiguous double-exposure or other obfuscations, and his subjects are often lit by psychedelic slide projections or covered in a strange, felted ectoplasm.  It’s a consistently elusive and beguiling body of work that refers back to the early days of surrealist photography, but yet has the appearance of having arisen from no single decade. 

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