Maleonn (Ma Liang)

Ma Liang, also known as Maleonn (1972 Shanghai), is a talented Shanghai photographer who has gained a kind of cult following because of his fable like photographs. He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts of Shanghai University , graduating in 1995.  A graduate of the Fine Arts College Ma Liang studied graphic design, and it shows in his works, which blend new style with a look and feel of old photographic images, when colors were unrefined.  His images, in color and black and white, are often created with props, actors and a strange mix of hues, colors and theatrical sets.  He lives and works in Shanghai.
His work can be scary, beautiful, and full of spirit. More importantly, It represents a crucial moment in China's ever growing contemporary art scene.
Maleonn's story is one that is enshrined by infirmity. His father was Shanghai's leading opera director at the time of his family's banishment to a re-education camp during China's Cultural Revolution. This single event not only resulted in a hard-scrabble childhood for Maleonn, who was conceived in the camp, but it also helped shape his sociopolitical views as an adult. 
From this early life of hardship and constrained opportunity, Maleonn has emerged as a major cultural figure in 21st Century Shanghai.
His first race was the commercial short film. In 2004, its TV commercials made ​​him a well known figure, and even a kind of cultural icon in the creative community in Shanghai and to some extent to the general population who appealed their ads. It was the same year, 2004, which was awarded as one of the Best Video Commercial directors in China , he decided to try his luck as photography.
The father of Maleonn was director of the Shanghai Opera and his mother a famous movie actress, so the artistic vein runs in the family. However, childhood Maleonn was turbulent, because after being born in a field reeducation communist who had been consigned to their parents during the Cultural Revolution , he was sent to Shanghai to be raised by distant relatives, until his parents were released.

Maleonn became a filmmaker, and surprisingly recently dabbled in photography in 2005 . The film, painting (which he studied for 11 years) and photography seem to merge in your images. Their pictures always built to the smallest detail is as arenas and try to tell a story in a single frame . His influence as a filmmaker is also seen in the series "Circus" because when you browse images quickly gives the impression of watching an animated film.
With interesting projects under his belt Maleonn has the ability to create imaginary worlds where beauty becomes a caricature of its features . His artistic influences are all these beautiful China; women originating, fantasy, lots of color, clothing, etc.. Which gives us images tinged grotesque but beautiful, surreal touches handling and good humor.
The photos reflect a careful staging. " My work is my own inner world , "says Maleonn. " The scenes that show of my fantasies have emerged, sometimes drawing before shooting. Every detail is clear in my mind, what I do is turn my inner world actually , "says the author. His works and photographic compositions are so magnificent, haunting, dreamlike, in a word so surreal that have been exposed in major galleries around the world and considered one of the best exponents current digital surrealism.

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