Cang Xin

Chinese, b. 1967
Born in Suihua city of Heilongjiang province, Man- chu, in 1967; he attended literature classes in Tianjin Music College in 1988-89. He started learning paint- ing in 1991. From 1993 he moved to the eastern part of the Beijing PainterĖ‡s Village. Suffering from ill- ness in his childhood and the divorce of his parents, Cang Xin has grown into an internationally active Chinese artist. Cang Xin believes that his art inherits the spirit of Saman and his behavioral works per- ceive the world with a whimsical perceiving method, taking himself as the focus that maintains the natural and social relationships. His exhibitions included: second part of the series ¨Step on the Face〃 (perfor- mance art), (Beijing, 1994); ¨Heighten the Unnamed Hill for One Meter〃 (Beijing, 1995); ¨Exhibition of Modern Four-Person-Photograph〃(Japan,1999);¨Ex hibition of Contemporary Four-Person-Photograph〃, (London, 2000); Photograph Exhibition of Action Performance in ¨Asian Art Festival〃, (Paris, 2000) etc.

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