Zhou Jun

Zhou Jun, is born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China and graduated from the Nanjing Normal University, Academy of Fine Arts, Photography Department. He currently lives and works in Nanjing.  The last thirty years of the Chinese economic miracle has led to unprecedented changes, perhaps the most obvious being the metamorphosis of the numerous Chinese capital cities. At times marveled for their engineering endeavors and glamourous makeovers, these metropolises have equally been the focus of much debate as a result of the demolition of ancient architecture and heritage sites that stood in the way of this transformation. The result is a new modernity that bears testament to the contradictions and contrasts of the new China today. As a photographer, Zhou Jun seeks to reveal through his unique brand of black and white photography the socio-historical narration of some of these sweeping changes. Like the works of Bernd and Hillar Becher who photographed the abandoned mineshafts and silos in post-war Germany, Zhou Jun is dedicated to immortalizing the icons of China s architecture in their states of glory, construction and isolation. With a distinct palette of greys, deliberately devoid of strong blacks and whites, Zhou Jun is constantly exploring and redefining with heightened sensitivity this constantly evolving landscape. He constructs a brave new world almost devoid of human existence where imposing buildings dominate and engage with one another. While a Northern Song landscape painting in accordance with Taoist principles pays homage to Nature by reducing the presence of human existence to an insignificant proportion, Zhou Jun creates a contemporary universe where the human condition  kowtows instead to a concrete jungle that has taken a life of its own. The viewer is struck immediately by the red overlay that has become the artists trademark and by its multifaceted symbolism. The rouge quote  that is an awe-inspiring political symbol continues to shape and leave an indelible mark on a society where the old confronts the new and conflicting ideologies co-exist in a delicate equilibrium. Zhous works is available at Gallerie Paris-Beijing in Paris ( see bellow the presentation ) that we invite you to take in ocnsideration, as they pay a really big attention on contemporary chinese artists, so you will be astonished of the quality of art you can see exposed there.

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