Lin Zhipeng (NO.223)

Lin Zhipeng aka NO.223, 1979, China, is a photographer based in Beijing who works in a very intuitive fashion. His photography shows the Chinese youth of today with sex and chaotic love as recurring themes. The photographs that are made using a very direct and hard flash, showing a youth culture the way he does, are relatively new to come from a country as China. The "snap-shot" images reveal a new Chinese generation, allowing us viewers to see them while they party, shower, hang-out, kiss and smoke. His work has been published in several books as New Photography in China and in numerous magazines as Vice, S Magazine and Dazed and Confused. He has been exhibited mainly in China, but also in Europe and the USA. The following images come from the portfolios Portfolio 09, Portfolio 07 and Polaroid.

Why you started to work with photography?
In fact, photography is not my work. I just a hobbyist of photography. After I taking a photo for 1 or 2 years, I always can fine plenty of mood in it now. So I keep shooting any kind of photos around my life.
How you can describe your style?
Selfhood, impromptu, sex and young.
How you create an image?
Anytime I can create an image because I carry a camera every day. I don’t use any decoration after I taking a photo. So, the photos you see all are the original image as the moment I taking them.
Can you tell us who is your favourite photographer?
Now is Wolfgang Tillmans.
Can you make sex with photos or you can make a photo with sex ?
If somebody want.. I can make sex with photos.haha. But most of the second one.

Lin’s snapshot aesthetic is the outcome of a spontaneous process: “Most photographers have some idea of what they want to shoot, but I have no idea. I follow the models or my friends, then I follow my mind”. This results in images that are in your face and unforgettable.

Photographer, artist and magazine creator, LIN ZHIPENG is a leading figure of new Chinese photography for his ability to capture the volatile, primal energy of the Chinese youths of today.
He has contributed to numerous popular lifestyle and fashion magazines in China as editor and writer and has produced photo shoots for magazines such as Vice, Glass, City Pictorial and more recently for S Magazine. In 2007 he published the independent fashion magazine project TOO and in 2005, 2006 and 2010 published three volumes of photography entitled My Private Broadway. His curatorial work includes the exhibitions TOO SHOT! Fashion×Photography in Get It Louder, Eco-matter,(2008) at ARRTCO in Beijing and vision music show Time, Dust, Hormone (2009) at Mao Live House in Beijing.

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