Tian Taiquan

Introduction to Tian Taiquan’s Photography of Cultural Revolution
During the ten-year Cultural Revolution, 1966 to 1968 is the particular period when the unbelievable violence among the different Red Guards was the most terrific. Tian Taiquan’s photography is originated from the only well-preserved Red Guard graveyard, which lies in a park of Chongqing. It covers 3, 000 square meters (about 4.5 mu) with 113 tombs. Over 500 members of No. 815 Red Guard died in the dust were buried here. Among them, the youngest five persons were only at their ages of 14 while the oldest was 60.
Taiquan Tian was born in 1960 in Chongqing, Sichuan Province, China and was 16 years old when the Cultural Revolution in China officially ended--old enough to remember the horror and devastation that the Chinese people endured. Tian's images thwart the government's efforts to obliterate memories of the Cultural Revolution by selecting it as the subject of his photographic series, Lost. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institution and shortly thereafter entered the Chongqing Contemporary Art Center. Tian's works uses repeated images to show the impact of the rapid development of China. Broken bodies and faded uniforms express the struggle for identification in the dark reality of the relationship between contemporary Chinese culture and history.

The graveyard of the Red Guards of Chongqing, the city where he has been studying, is the base of a symbolic reconstruction of history, in which he is putting so much strength and authority that he turns it to truth. 
To talk about this still painful history, Tian Taiquan is using digital photography and the manipulation it permits, since truth is always different from representation. 
Sharing with Aldus Huxley of “ brave new world” the belief that “ the memory of each man is its private library”, Tai Taiquan want to go beyond just telling about the past, and, indeed, by bridging past and modern time, he also comments on the contemporary society. 
To do so, Tai Taiquan goes beyond the Cultural revolution and get back in time to the mystery and importance of burials in Chinese Antiquity and bring back spirits and ghosts. 
He also use ancient techniques when he transposes Qing drawing style to digital image in his series ‘Hide and Seek” 
Tai Taiquan express strongly the tension between human being and the world he leaves in, make us share his desire for destruction.Desire which starts with his first art pieces, like in “Totem”, where he shows the dichotomy between sacrifice and injustice, until his most recent pieces from which men has disappeared for ever.

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