Wang Ningde

Wang Ningde was born in 1972 in Liaoning province and graduated from the photography department of the Lu Xun Academy of Art in 1995. After graduating, he moved to southern China where he worked for a decade as a photojournalist during the period of China's explosive economic and cultural transformation. Departing from documentary photography, Wang returned to his northern hometown to began his Some Days series, which he worked on between 1999 and 2009. With his striking black and white photographs, the artist has been able to capture the tension between an ever-changing contemporary China and the always-present memory of the Cultural Revolution. As an artist who works not only in traditional photography but also more recently in video and installation artwork, Wang Ningde attempts to decipher and answer the unanswerable, peeling back the layers of memory and the social facade, to probe and expose the more complicated and perhaps disconcerting issues of a personal past or humanity's collective psyche.
Wang Ningde is one of the most famous Chinese contemporary photographers today. Wang Ningde was selected in 2005 to participate in an exhibition which was shown at London's Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), Asia Society and Museum in New York, Smart Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Seattle Art Museum, The House of World Cultures in Berlin. Wang Ningde photography is silent and peaceful. His signature trademark is figures with their eyes closed, which makes the viewers pause and meditate. Few Chinese artists are able to capture people's attention without shocking them like Wang Ningde.

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