Weng Fen

Born 1961 in Hainan Province, China.1985 Graduation from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. 
Lives and works in Hainan.

The Chinese artist Weng Fen explores contemporary political, economic and social topics and uses a unique artistic process to put them in an urban context. He strives to encourage the public to become aware of social phenomena and understand their implications without relying on daily news, official information and mass media.
Art photography on large billboards throughout Slovenia, especially major roads in Maribor, Celje in Ljubljana will challenge our perception. This will change the purpose of the billboards, which constantly, day and night, bombard us with various commercial messages and coerce us into action. Instead of questioning ourselves what they are trying to sell us, we will ask ourselves what the art is trying to tell us. This will continue the eternal argument - what is the message of a piece of art. On the other hand, we can perceive this merely as an outdoor advertisement for art, which is present in a public place, far away from the consecrated galleries and museums, existing as just another manifestation in the sea of postulations of the contemporary consumer society.
Weng Fen was born on the Hainan Island in southern China, one of the first areas in China that opened to the outside world with modernisation and urbanisation following the reforms after 1980. Many works of the artist thus reflect on these changes of new reality in China in comparison with western countries. Fen is one of the most important contemporary artists in China. His work is inspired by urbanization and modernization, consequences of implementation of economic and social policies in the context of financial and social globalization.

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