Alina Lebedeva (Алина Лебедева)

Interview with Alina Lebedeva

- Alina, that means to you photo?

For me, photography - is primarily a means of expression. Every creative person has a need for activity, self-expression, in creation.
To me it means a creation. Moreover, taking for himself, I do not set any goals. Importance of freedom of feelings. Watch man and catch interesting moments for me. Any creative shooting I spend only for the purpose of having fun.
- What about the money?
In this case it is secondary. They may appear, can not be displayed. That is, it is not done by any bets. If I had a goal to earn, I probably would have rented something else.
- Photography for you today - is the work?
For me, this is a good extra income, in terms of the material, and my creativity when it comes to the domestic.
- And you would like it to become your profession?
No. Because otherwise I would have to meet the market. I do not want to be dependent on this. Modern art I probably would not close. I see it in most cases shocking. Shocking is designed to surprise the viewer. Whether he wants to come back to this again - not a fact. It is already learned. Go back to what touches that eye-catching, that velvet and soft touch eye, which causes feelings inside, not screaming outside. I think, in our time, this is really not enough. I still for the beauty and inner content, though it is not always fashionable.

- what do you do in your free time
I sleep, eat. (Laughs.) I have my old job, which gives me a small income. But give it up I do not want to, because it is a stable help.

- But still, if you do not want to give up this work and devote himself entirely to photography?
If you care for me in the photo would mean immersion in an activity that I do not want to do, then definitely not. If it will not contradict me, I'll be glad. I just know all of this industry from the inside, and sometimes I want to be protected from this. And that rest during their creative filming.

- And are there  photographers whose work you like?
Sally Mann, Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi, the early works of Lindberg.

- There is an opinion that Alina Lebedeva - a Russian Roversi. You agree with this?
Yeah, I heard it. I can not even talk about this story. Early in his career, I post the photos on various websites. Once I saw them at one of his works comment "Poversi." At that time, I do not say nothing to say, so I decided to search the Internet. When I saw pictures of him, it was very impressed! His aesthetic is so close to me that has never met a one photographer. Somewhere there is a dear soul!
- I know that you know personally with Rovers. What would u say about him?
Sincere. He is like he is. He does not play. I think that if the person is self-sufficient you are, he is simple. 

- Alina, I noticed that  you often shoot women.
Yes, it is. I take my girls just because they are close to me by spirit. In the creative set, I just rented display itself. But this does not mean that I'm doing a self-portrait. I just create people in such way as  I want to see them.

- You like shooting nude models, in your projects.  what is the reason of it?
Clothes - this extra information, which only interferes with the pictures. For me the main show is the inner world of man. Creativity for me is self-expression, I'm not interested nude because of the anatomical details. I need a natural expression of the sensual nature of man, his honesty, vulnerability, a man as he is, he is in himself, without reference to a person of any age, fashion or time.

- How often do you shoot for yourself?
Maybe once a month, maybe two. No laws. Sometimes i calm down for a while, sometimes spontaneously people coincide with me,  I'm glad. Always done and do not do it often, because sense of hunger is  very important for the creativity, satiety reduces sensitivity, and interesting people are not too much.

- Alina, viewing your work, I want to note that you have a lot of beautiful models. Do you find girls to shoot, or model seek you themselves?
Always different. I'm often written with a request to take pictures, but write mostly those who I'm not very interested. I do not often find a suitable person for the shooting, so I try to keep already tested models or sometimes accidentally stumble on something new and exciting.

- What is important for you in model?
The word "model" I would not use in my photography, rather it is - a man, woman, girl, whatever, but at least the character. "Model" - this is for me, the notion of business, it does not apply to creativity.
First, I pay attention on face. It is important that human eyes were not empty. Also, this person should share my views on creativity. I write to her and ask he which of my work she likes. If she said that she liked my work photographs of all the models in clothes, wearing makeup, and other beautiful glamor, naturally, I do not want to make photographs of them. If she chooses the pictures that I most enjoy and relevant for me now, so we go great with it and be able to do some shooting.

- Do you meet the girls before shooting?
No. But why?
- Then you can see the person to know how she looks like
Yes, I agree. I know that many photographers do so. I'm just very lazy, I guess. I do not want the extra time out of the house. People in conversation once, but when he stands in front of the camera, it is quite different. So I do not need contact with the girl before shooting.  Sometimes it is enough for me to drink tea with her in the studio before shooting and I understand what she is in life, not the front of the lens. Any creative photography with a new model - is a risk. This risk may be justified, but maybe not. But it's worth it!
- Tell me how the shooting took place?
If I make something for myself, I do not make plans, never, and I have no idea or have intended. I'm just starting watching  the man. For me mood and condition is important. That's it. The most important is to grab the second which i like.
- How much time does the photoshoot take?
Always different. If a person is not moving and closed, at least two hours. And if the person is closed, three or four hours.
- What light do you use when shooting?
Only constant. I do not like breaking something. It prevents me from concentrating on the essentials, and I love to shoot at apertures.
- Where are your creative photography?
Some shooting I spend at home, but often shoot in his studio.
- Do you have your own studio?
It does not belong only to me. I take it off with a few photos. This is a small basement room with no windows, where there is very cold and wet.
- Alina, all your pictures are understated and blurry. Why so?
I just have bad eyesight. (Laughs.)
- So do you sometimes focus wrong?
This also happens.
Laying out your photos in LJ, you are accompanied by their tex. And for what?
In fact, all this is not related to each other. It happens that you  are sitting at night, and thoughts are coming to you. I took them and recorded. That's it.
They, of course, may be combined with photos in the posts, but it is not necessarily so.
- And finally I would like to know about your latest commercial work for the company Grishko. I know that they recently Oleg Tityaev shot for them. Why did they turn it to you? How did they choose such an unusual shooting?
I myself strange has strange feeling when I received from them the proposal. It happened all so. The owner of the company found on the internet one of my photos (it was a creative mode). He wanted to buy it. We decided to meet and discuss everything. In the end, he offered to drop advertising in foreign markets. Topic shooting was free.
I note that it was one of those cases where the customer comes to the photographer. This is the most pleasant, but, unfortunately, it happens rarely.

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