Lin Hairong

Lin Hairong’s paintings resound with a profound sense of peace. Upon the simplicity of her pure colour backgrounds, child-like figures, depicted in subdued tones, are shown in a variety of poses that take influence from cultural-revolutionary imagery and other Chinese and western historical sources. The sense of nostalgia that this evokes is played off against the subtle satire revealed in the titles of the paintings. Serving as a spring board for a more thorough understanding of Lin Hairong’s works, many titles are reiterated revolutionary phrases or lines taken from classical poetry. With the distortion of her figures, her two dimensional painting style and these historical references Lin Hairong appears to have blurred the line between memory and reality, past and present.
Executed in her fine, delicate painting technique, Lin Hairong’s compositions are devoid of any superfluous decoration and manage to capture the serenity and harmony of life’s quiet moments; those moments of tranquility that are all too rare in this “age (that) we live in (which) is too quick to change.” (Lin Hairong)
Born in 1975, Lin Hairong graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Henan Normal University in 1999. She then went on to study at the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute where she graduated with a Masters degree in 2006. The winner of a prize for excellence in the Dragonair Emerging Artist Awards, Lin Hairong has gained increasing international attention and has most recently held a solo exhibition (‘Attitudes’) at the ChinaToday Gallery in Brussels. Today she lives and works in Chongqing.  

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