Shi Mohan (史墨涵)

Shi Mohan jocularly calls herself a life Illustrator. Pleasantly and sensitively, she documents the nity-gritty of her own life, portraying many bizarre and outlandish thoughts and desires on the canvas.  

1983 Born in Shenyang
2006 Graduated From Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Solo Exhibition
2012 Trifle, ART SEASONS, Beijing
2011 Trifle, ART SEASONS, Singapore
Group Exhibition
2012 Ginseng, ART SEASONS, Beijing
2011 10th Anniversary, ART SEASONS, Singapore
2010 Small Is Beautiful, ART SEASONS, Beijing
Resonance, ARTSEASONS, Beijing
SH Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai
Sungshin Women's University Show, Nan-Hyang
Buildin, Seoul ASYAAF, Seoul

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