Ying Yefu

Born in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China in 1980, Ying Yefu also known as Shen Zhe Ming Yi started with a passion for painting in his early childhood. He persists in this passion using aspects of memories, creating thoughtful independent ink paintings, silkscreen prints, and design based artworks froma very personal and unique angle.

·         2011Solo show "Anesthetic", ART LABOR Gallery
·         "Fine Art Asia 2011", ART LABOR Gallery
·         Group show "High 5", ART LABOR Gallery
·         Sh Contemporary 2011, Shanghai, ART LABOR Gallery
·         2010Group show "Post Traditions - Enlarge the Carve", Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern
·         Solo show "Stretch", Wenzhou Seventh Art Center
·         Art Solo show “Sweet & Sour”, Shanghai ART LABOR Gallery
·         Solo show “Appetizer”, Taipei Chi-Wen Gallery
·         2009Shanghai MoCA Animamix Biennale 2009 – 2010
·         Contemporary art exhibition “Scattered Time”, Shanghai Time Square
·         Solo show “No Show”, Shanghai ART LABOR Gallery
·         Group show “No Subject”, Shanghai Eastlink Gallery
·         “8888 Group Show”, Shanghai Andrew James Gallery
·         2008Group show “Shanghailand: Countercurrents in the Mainstream”, San Francisco
·         Shanghai MoCA Envisage II – Butterfly Dream
·         Solo show “Festival of Restraints”, Shanghai ART LABOR Gallery
·         Group show “Drifting”, Shanghai Eastlink Gallery
·         2007Get It Louder, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou
·         Group show “Neo-wave Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Shanghai Eastlink Gallery

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