Bogdan Zvir

Contrasts and paradoxes were surrounding Bogdan since childhood: a wooden village house without any conveniences that drowned in snow till roof, it was situated next to a modern building of a famous bank and an awl-like TV tower. Winter frosts till -60 and dry summer heat of +40 with sandy air from Lena. House foundations on piles growing from permafrost, and ugly heat pipelines spoiling cold sky. Then St. Petersburg. Mystic inconceivable city built on an absurd spot by a controversial person with the cost of a paradox number of lives and expenses. The city that in absurd time became symbolic, isn’t it a perfect refuge for Bogdan Zwir? Weird author. Who is capable of distracting anybody from idle thoughtlessness, tearing away from a swamp of indifference, evoking craving for self-study and bringing fruitless ideas to life. Showing in the absurd the creative dynamics of magic images, his real fantasy is full of them.
Bogdan Zwir is a photographic artist in St. Petersburg, Russia. He says he did not receive special education in either photography or the arts. He writes in his broken English, "I comprehended independently the secrets of processing a photo... The main aim in creativity is to invent unreal life but to maintain a realistic performance...[with] dominance of emotional, psychological and esoteric components... There is no place for accident...The image appears and lives, having its past, present and future. It breathes, pulsates, provokes the spectator to mutual conclusions and experiences. The movement excited in the viewer has neither beginning nor end. There are always questions left... You would ask what it is after all - photography or painting? On the one hand, technically it is photography. But the final impression is painting."

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