Mariam Shengelia

Born in 1994. She started taking photos in 2009. 
At first Mariam was taking documentary photography, but soon she realized that the style was not interesting for her. As she says " to be engaged in the creative process is the most enjoyable, it's mystical act." 
Mainly she takes self-portraits. Mariam has never taught photography. she can work with every type of camera (tape, webcam, digital camera). 
"I don't remember the reason of my decision doing photography, but it's seems to me that i did it because of art. photography gave me opportunity to express world and myself without academic or artistic style. My photography first of all is the sublimation of my inner vibrations. that's why i'm always trying to be free and creative. I think it's the most important to announce your emotions. 
I get annoyed at each photo in high quality, which twinkles, I think it demonstrates only technical opportunities and not your expressivity"
she studies in the first year of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 
in 2010 she was taking part in the project "Georgian Stories"
Her first exhibition was in 2011.  In 2012 her slideshow was background of the poetry of Keren Esebua

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