Paul von Borax

Paul von Borax started photographying long ago ... and what should have been a hobby gradually turned into passion. he likes to experiments, tests, and his photos are more worthy for him than himself. He gradually discoveries and encounters that give wonderful desire to continue to shape his hands lights, decorations, moods ... watch and give to see that look.
"Rather chaotic, I do not claim to act perfect photographic, rational. I do a lot of improvisation, and built between random. I trust my intuition, my will and my pleasure to do so, and often in my dreams, many of my photos are taken." 
His inspirations are multiple tables, situations, events ...
First he tried taking pictures by Polaroid in 2005, it was time ... and now he uses many materials, films and different processes. Boiled, stained, abandoned, scratched, bruised, his only goal is to make an atmosphere that only Polaroids are able to express.
The series is made of a Polafu Mamiya housing and Polaroid back. Makeup artist Anna Telia Paul von Borax created an aura of goddesses with each model. The snapshots are then passed through various secret recipes photographer for their surface are transformed and earn tons of another time. Muses and represented plunge the viewer into a work of erotic early twentieth century.
The second series presented by The open eye gallery entitled The Girl Sheet is produced in collaboration with artistic makeup Anne Arnold ( In a more romantic Paul von Borax recreates a world as an ultra feminine.
For the photographer philosophy remains the same on all series regardless of the chosen techniques: all the shooting. Almost no retouching, by choice. Photography: the writing light. Paul von Borax is a photographer, not a Photoshop-designer. Reality in its simplicity and its brutality sometimes it is more beautiful than any artificial world. 
- The Girl and Polafu Sheet, The open eye gallery, September 2012
- Ghosts of Atlantis, underwater pictures, MKP, Paris, May 2012
- Collective exhibition with Furious, Paris, on the theme "ten years Furious" in May 2011
- Cultural Office of the Grand Place, Arras, March 2011
- Café Photo, Lille, October 2010
- FEPN (festval European nude photo) Arles, May 2010
- Expo "Polaroid", The Furious, Paris, May 2009
- "Ur Hair," with teams of hairdressers Japanese "Yellow Cab," "The Castle" Tokyo, February 2009

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