Mano Svanidze

“I have been taking photos since 2009. I always dreamt of painting and wouldn't dare. I was afraid of disappointment, that I would ruin my hopes and as a result, there would be no painter and no dream. So I decided to keep it as a dream.

Once, when I was browsing the Internet, I discovered Bill Brandt. Someone wrote that he was a "second painter" and at that time I felt that I wanted to paint with light, to be a "second painter". So I started taking photos and now photography is a very important part of my life. It's not my profession, but it's more than a hobby. I know that I want to do this until the end of my life.

Why film.. because I like film texture, its colours.. film is something special.. something precious for me. You have only 36 shots, you are limited, but it makes you more careful, more sensitive. Shots are not more than feelings. When I take digital photos, I have unlimited shots, and distributing this feeling in an unlimited space makes me scared - that what I feel during shooting will disperse and disappear.” 


• 2013 – Group work “Promotion of Gender Equality in Georgia”

• 2013 – Group work “Black Sea Project” (UK)

 • 2013 – Group work “Behind Her ‘I’s” (UK)

• 2013 – Group work “Fill Heritage with life of art” (Ukraine)

• 2012 – Group work “Photo Club Boke” (Georgia)

• 2012 – Group work “A room of one’s owns” (Georgia)

• 2011 – Group work “Food for all” (Georgia, Sweden)