Maria Rubinke

Maria Rubinke (b. 1985) is Danish born artist, currently works and lives in Copenhagen.  She studied at the Glass and Ceramic school Bornholm. Since graduating in 2008 she has attracted an enormous amount of attention with her sculptures, which break with the traditional aesthetic one associates with small, charming porcelain figurines. 
Maria Rubinke blends the childlike and innocent with the grotesque in her sculptural work, creating pristine porcelain toys and corrupting them with streams of red glaze emanating from rips and tears in their anatomies. The porcelain toys become biological beings whose visceral injuries can be difficult to look at despite the chubby-cheeked figures’ adorable countenances. Their inherent innocence is put at risk in the artist’s works, where various catastrophes have resulted in fragmentation and deformation. In one series of objects the traditional porcelain doll is removed from its idealized world and placed on the battlefield of subconscious desire. Small porcelain figures are reminiscent of the illogical compositions of surrealism, transforming the character of what are traditionally charming and passive objects into expressions of more taboo feelings that oscillate between desire and sadism. Most of her sculptures are of children, which of course, adds to the creep factor! Here violence and aggression are played out in bloody tableaux in sharp contrast to the decorative delicacy of the material.

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