Nikolay Bakharev

Nikolay Bakharev (b.1946 Altai Region of Russia) was an orphan (his parents died when he was four) who worked as a mechanic until he developed his profession as a self-trained photographer. He grew up in East Russia near Mongolia, and still lives in Siberia. His work was featured in the "Ostalgia" exhibition in the summer of 2011 at the New Museum in New York which gathered art from Eastern European countries with a curious nostalgia for a painful past. As a critic in the Economist said: "All of this art is political, by the simple act of its creation."
Bakharev's models are the people among whom he lives and his depictions can be divided into two distinct bodies of work: private and public. The private images are generally women or couples photographed in their homes, and the public are couples and larger groups in swimsuits photographed in the woods. During the 60s and 70s it was illegal to photograph nudes so the swimmers provided a surrogate. Taking on the role of "beach photographer" enabled Bakharev to both earn a living and depict his subjects in a much more revealing way then was officially allowed.

Bakharev carefully arranges his subjects into compelling poses in which the physical contact is erotically charged, and at the same time display vulnerability and elegance.

Lives and works in Moscow and Novokuznetsk

Solo Exhibitions:
2010: Public and Private. Gallery 'FotoDepartament' along with Gallery ''. Moscow, Russia
2008-2009: Public and Private. Gallery ''. Moscow, Russia
2003: Bakharevland. REGINA Gallery. Moscow, Russia
         Bakharev Files. Manege, Moscow, Russia
2001: Russians: Love, Desire & Obsession. 'James' Boutique. Moscow, Russia
1999: Nikolay Bakharev. Humanitarian and Political Science Centre Strategy. Moscow, Russia
1998: Nikolay Bakharev. International Photo Festival. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1996: 25 years of Soviet Landscape. Art Museum. Novokuzbetsk, Russia
1991: SovDep. Photocentre. Kemerovo, Russia
          Nikolay Bakharev. Canon Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1990: SovDep. Exhibition Hall Flora. Omsk, Russia

Group Exhibitions (selection):
2011: Ostalgia. New Museum. New York, USA
2007: Russia Miami 2007. Art Basel Miami Beach. Miami, USA
2006: Beach Photography. White Space Gallery. London, UK
2005: Universal Experience: Art, Life and the Tourist Eye. Museum of Contemporary Art. Chicago, USA
2004: Fight of Fools. Contemporary Russian Photography, White Space Gallery, London, UK
         Beach photography. White Space Gallery. London, UK
2002: Photoplyazh (Russian Championship of Beach Photography). Central Exhibition Hall Manezh. Moscow, Russia
2000: Interrnational Photoshowroom 'Siberia 2000'. Novosibirsk, Russia
1996-1997:  Russia: Chronicles of Change. Southeast Museum of Photography. Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
1996: Emerging Images: Сontemporary Photography in Russia and Eurasia. Harry Ransom. Southeast Museum of Photography. Daytona Beach, USA.
          Research Center. University of Texas in Austin. Austin, Texas, USA
1995: New Photo Art from Russia. Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Erten, Germany
1994: Art of Modern Photography. Russia, Ukraine, Belorus. CHA. Moscow, Russia
1993: 2nd Exhibition of Russian Photographers Union. Moscow, Russia
          Russian Art Photography Today. International Russian-American project involving five artists.              Rutgers University. New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
1991: 1st Exhibtion of Russian Photographers Union. Smolensk, Russia
          Retort. Shkola Gallery. Moscow, Russia
1989: 150 Years of Photography. Central Exhibition Hall Manezh. Moscow Russia
          Analytical Photography. IV Bienal. Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
1987: All-Union Photo Exhibition (dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.) Moscow, Russia
1972: Svema-72. All-Union Photo Exhibition. Shostka, Ukraine
Public collections:
Moscow House of Photography. Moscow, Russia
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA

Southeast Museum of Photography. Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

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