Zoltán Jókay

I am a photographer.

For a living I am working part time
with senior citizens suffering from dementia.
                                     Zoltán Jókay

Zoltán Jókay the son of Hungarian immigrants was born in 1960 and grew up on the outskirts of Munich. From 1984-93 he studied communication design, specialising in photography, at the university in Essen and gained a diploma in 1993. In 1990 he received the grant for contemporary German photography from the Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, and in 1994 the art-promotion prize of the city Munich. In 1995 he received the artist in residence Foto-Feis of the city Edinburg as well as the Aenne Biermann Prize for German contemporary photography. In 1999 he received the photography-promotion prize of the city Munich, and in 2000 a grant as town-photographer in Ravensburg.  Zoltán Jókay has attracted attention via a series of portraits concerned with childhood as a period of vulnerability and loneliness, works that can be seen as reflections on his own early experiences. The portraits in these groups speak of the various nuances of happiness and alienation. His portraits bring incredible insight into people's stories told only through their faces, posture, silhouette and attitude. 

I am trying to grasp life through my work.
I am trying to find out about inner realities.
I am questioning what we are and how we live.

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  1. Just found your blog and those are absoultly amazing photos.