Mari Shimizu

Mari Shimizu was born in Amakusa, Kumamoto. She took video courses at Tama Art University. Later she started dolls' production for the puppet show and at the same time she was doing doll photography.
After graduating, beside the voluntary screening activities, she was working on creation of dolls

Famous for her artwork featuring ball-jointed dolls, Mari Shimizu’s latest solo art exhibition titled “Manifeste du Pop Surréalisme” was held at Tokyo’s Vanilla Gallery from Jan. 20 to Feb. 1, 2014.
According to the artist’s statement, since Andre Breton launched his Surrealist Manifesto in 1924 and Hans Bellmer published his own doll art 10 years later, the 20th century came to be thought of as the age of machines. However, at precisely the same time the unconscious mind was beginning to be unlocked through psychoanalysis. Once God made people who made people, but morality and religious worship died in World War II. Ninety years after the Surrealist Manifesto, what interests Mari Shimizu now more than all religions and philosophies, is a paradise in which all forms of life––humanity, animals, and plants––can all exist together as the icon of a new era.

2000 - The doll photos used in the album "Antique". 
2001 - Established a doll classroom "Atelier orchard". 
2008 - September, solo exhibition "Bible and the horse"
2010 - February, solo exhibition "Maria - Strange Angels Garden 
2012 - June, released the anthology "Miracle"  (Atelier third)
           July, participated in "ART OSAKA" (B Gallery). 
           September , the doll used in drama "Red Thread of Woman" 
2013 - January, the doll used in drama "The Brothers Karamazov"
           March, retrospective exhibition to commemorate the 20th anniversary doll artist "St.Freaks - Holy Variant " 
           April, pro events in Italy Brescia " Il Giappone nel chiostro to participate in. "
2014 - January, solo exhibition "Pop Surrealism Declaration" 

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