Ninna Galas - Roma: One Nation Many Lives

Moldova, October 2015. 
My first photo project.
The story of the most interesting ethnic group of people you can meet in any country -  Gypsies. 
One nation – Many lives. 

Aurika has beautiful, brown eyes, anxious face and a rare smile, which seems to be disappearing slowly from her face. She is gypsy. And she is a mother of eight children. Gabi is the youngest one, smiling all the time and running in the square around the cathedral while her mom and older sister asking people for help in Chisinau streets.
They asked us for help too. and then she told the story with a hope us to help them somehow.
She told us how hard it is to live in the street under the Chisinau sky in this cold, rainy weather, she told us how difficult it is for mother to not being able to give the children normal life. And she showed us a wedding ring on her finger, the ring which gives her an imaginary hope of being close to her husband , who has actually died several years ago.

Aurika was still a kid when her mother died and she was sent to an orphanage. As she told us, that was the hardest time in her life. Even though she learned read and write there, she was treated very bad and tried to escape from there many times. And she finally did.
After getting married and having kids, she was dreaming of having a normal family and to raise her children in an appropriate way. But everything got wrong for her. They have been kicked out from their flat because of the unpaid rent and were forced to live in the street. on the question if she would work if she had a chance, she looks at us with a hope and says, yes, I would love to have a job, I would be happy to be able to work like other people do, to see my children being proud of me, to have a chance to send them to school or kindergarten and give them education to live normally in the future. but its not possible so far. Schools refused to accept my kids only because we are gypsies. When we asked what the state does for them, she said she sent a letter to several institutions and asked them to accept them to school but the only answer she got was an offer to send the kids in an orphanage.
 <which mother would send her kids to the orphanage, I’d rather live in the street with them then send them to that place> says Aurika. 
Then she is asking us how many we are and if we actually are able to change something for them with this project
- W
e are many and we hope that our project can have some good outcome and will be a step forward to change their lives, to change many lives of one nation.
And she is happy, telling a smiley good bye and hopes to see us again.
We leave.

Text - Barbare Popova
Photo - Ninna Galas


  1. Congrats!
    Interesting project :)

  2. A touching story. Is there a follow up to this? I would be interested to know if anything changed for Aurika... and I know getting something for her, like a job, would not be easy.